Hey there, my name is Misty.
I am always horney and love to get wild in the bedroom. I like to try new fetishes. My latest is footplay. I have sexy feet and soft soles that love to be kissed all over. My most favorite sexual postion is me giving oral while I play with myself and you kiss my foot and sole. Come get wild with me and my petite soft soles.

Hi there I am Kristy.
This woman likes intelligent, polite men, with sence of humor but get naughty and wild in bed. You have to be ready to explore new fetishes. I love to have my feet licked. Men should worship my feet. As you can tell I am in charge sexually and tell my men how to love my feet. I can't wait to have you bowing to my foot and licking my foot till I cum for you.

Call me Cami, it's short for Camillia.
I am a 23 year old flight attendant who is on her feet at work. I often daydream of a sexy men from my flights taking my shoes off to expose my naked feet. I want him to rub my feet gently at first, making me wet in my panties. Then I want him to rub my heel in circles till I want to burst with enjoyment and cum for him.



He gentely stroked the naked parts of my feet not covered by my brand new black heels. The heels that I had purchased especially for today Valentine's Day. These heels which highlight my arches, but also the heels which perfectly matched my new dress. The very dress I had bought hoping to look hot and sexy enough to not end up spending Valentine's night by myself.

"I just have this thing for feet, when a woman has the right type of foot, it's wow to me. It's just the most arousing thing,I have a foot fetish" he said with a seductive smile on his face. "My name is Sean, by the way."

I shook his hand, as my eyes went up his body and back down to my feet. We were at a local bar. It being Valentine's Day, most people were home with their loved ones it was a slow night. Sean was large, not quite the size of a football player, but definitely a nice, meaty, manly size and ge had big feet. He was sexy, and like six feet tall and I was attracted to him, even though I'd never met anyone who had a foot fetish before.

We talked for most of the night when we were not on our feet busy with customers. The flirting grew hot and heavy as the hours passed standing one our feet. About midnight, he came over and stood behind me, putting his hands on my shoulders, leaning over me on the tips of his feet. His touch was light, but it made me feel so horney as tingles rushed through my body all the way down to the bottom of my foot. He leaned closer, speaking directly into my ear, his cheek nuzzling mine and his breath landing on that sensitive spot on my neck, the one that always gets me sooooooo hot.

"You've been driving me crazy all night with your feet" Sean says. "The way you keep crossing your legs, and thrusting that foot out in front of you for everyone to see.Showing off your feet all night long. Every time I see your foot I just want to grab it and press it to my lips and lick and kiss and taste every inch of those pretty feet becuase I have a feet fetish. It is closing time soon and I hope you'll come home with me and let me show you what I'm talking about with my foot fetish."

Every delicious word that he spoke to me, every puff of hot breath, every slight touch of his fingers on my shoulders, was turning me on. My panties were completly wet, there was no way I could refuse him and his foot fetish.

The whole car ride to his house, he whispered all of the things he was going to do to me, and to my feet. Finally we get to his place, both so overheated we immediately ripped off our clothing. He kneeled in front of my naked body and held my foot out like a butler or a prince.

I slid my foot inside a slipper, feeling like Cinderella. He slowly, gently, fastened each buckle. I could see his cock twitching in delight as he drew his hand over and around my foot. He then slid his fingers between the sole of my foot, and the inside of my heel his foot fetish felt so good.

It tickled slightly but I loved the foot fetish he had, and when I moved my foot to try and escape, he curled his fingers and pressed his knuckles into me. We played footsie for a few minutes, but we were getting too hot we had to fuck soon although his foot fetish alomost had me cumming on him.

Enough with the niceties and foot fetish, I thought, as he placed me on my back and spread my legs wide open, his tongue lapping at me in wide, delicious strokes. He pushed his big finger into me, teasing me as he moved it back and forth. Finally he slid his cock into my pussy, no preamble, no warning. I was a little surprised, but I loved the way he took charge with me and grabbed my feet. Sean thrust into me, pushing deeply and making me suck in my breath.

He lifted my legs up by my feet onto his shoulders, thrusting into me even more deeply than befor. I couldn't move he had a tight hold on my feet, I could only focus on his cock slamming into me over and over again. Then he turned his head and licked my foot, his tongue darting around the edges of my shoe, the way it had licked around my clit only moments before. It made me very wet this foot fetish of his.

"Take them off," he grunted, as he continued to thrust his cock into me. meanwhile I strained to lift my hips and meet him halfway. In a daze, I unstrapped the shoes off my feet, letting them drop to the floor. Sean turned his head and pressed his whole face against one foot and then the other, his cock, buried inside of my pussy, not moving.

I put my feet on either side of his face. He closed his eyes, turning his head back and forth, pressing it into my feet like they were my breast, comforting and warm.

Then he began stroking his cock in and out of me again, he grabbed my left foot and began licking my toes before putting them all into his mouth, sucking as many as he could. I'd never been into any kind of foot fetish play before, but this was great; his warm tongue and the rapturous look on his face made me tingle all the way down to my feet.

My whole body was hot from head to foot, and as he sucked my toes and rocked his hips, I came, squeezing my cunt and my thighs as I let the orgasm grab his cock, my pussy tightened around him and my whole body got so tight and then loose and then tight again.

He pushed into me and buried his face in my foot as he came. Afterwards we laid there breathing heavily. Finally, we went to bed, and as I drifted off, I felt him turn around so his head was resting directly at my feet. Right where he belonged. A foot fetish lover I have now become.